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Important Extracts from Kim Hyun Joong’s Recent Interviews.


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Love is more than a tender caress, more than a warm embrace, more than bright hours of happiness and sweet moments for true love exists even to the most despairing moments. It is not wondering how long it will last but how beautiful you can make it grow. Its a spring from the fountain of HOPE, flows from the streams of JOY, comes through shared feelings and GIVES without expecting. Love is for you to create… you can shape it, mold it, into something beautiful, or you can smother it, kill it… watch it whither away coz it so easy to get, so hard to let go. So easy to spell, so hard to define…. yet everyone still takes the risks. A great love is shed tears still you care for him . It’s when he ignores you but still you long for him. It’s when he begins to love another yet, you still smile and say ” I’m okay and I’m happy for you”.

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